Rogaland Treprofil was founded in the spring of 1988. Our new and modern production site is located in Forsand, in the beautiful surroundings of Lysefjorden.

Rogaland Treprofil was established to respond to the increasing demand in the market for custom-made wood trims and fixtures, cornice, brackets, balcony railings and other kinds of indoor and outdoor building ornamentation. There is an increasing tendency today to preserve and restore the old characteristic facades of wooden houses. In order to do this successfully, it is of great importance that the cornice fits the style. We produce wooden cornice and mouldings in the Baroque, Empire, Swiss and Jugend styles. Naturally, we also have the necessary tools and skills to make new cornice based on sketches and to copy existing cornice. If we donít have the profile that youíre after, itís easy to make a new one.

Cooperation, customer service, accuracy, precision and creativity are key words that describe our work. Our competency is founded on training in the wood processing, builder and carpenter  trades.